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P. M.
a year ago

Estou a usar o óleo de argão todos os dias e estou a gostar muito, excelente qualidade do produto. O doseador permite usar a quantidade certa.

Os produtos também são bons para os homens.

Continuem a apostar na qualidade.

B. L.
a year ago

Great natural sustainable products and outstanding client service.Have tried the argan oil and neroli water so far: very good textures and scents, lovely packaging!

C. S.
a year ago

I just recommend it !!! I use it daily at beginning of the day and during the day to keep my face fresh . Very good products , 100% health and pure . .

a year ago

The argan oil and almond oil are my favourite products. I love the products because they are 100% natural and pure.
I use them daily on my skin and body, and the quality-price is great!
I highly recommend these products!

C. E.
a year ago

Ai découvert les huiles de NAOO il y a quelques mois👍👍👍Enchantée de la qualité ! les huiles s’imprègnent à merveille: ma peau est bien nourrie sans sensation grasse ni brillance. Huile d’argan le matin et d’hibiscus le soir ! Les hydrolats aux parfums délicats sont également top pour rafraîchir la peau, les cheveux. Suis fan de néroli et de rose🤗 Merci à Coralie et Delphine d’avoir développé NAOO 🤩🙏