Essential Oil DIFFUSER


While many people like to massage essential oils into their skin – and that’s an excellent way to use certain varieties, the fastest and most efficient way to get essential oils into your lungs and throughout your body is through your sense of smell or your olfactory system.

Scents, particularly those from high-quality organic essential oils, can have profound effects on your mind and body. They can invoke memories, stimulate feelings, and arouse your senses.

The best way to maximize the potential benefits of essential oils is with the use of an ultrasonic diffuser.

Compared to other methods and types of diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers are quiet, affordable, conserve essential oils (helps keep your ongoing costs down), protect fragile essential oil components, and disperse superfine therapeutic particles that are easier for your lungs to absorb.

The Galileo Diffuser by Bioflore is the perfect diffuser for everyday use. This attractive diffuser looks smart in any setting and offers many features not typically found in such affordable units:

  • Made  with an elegant ceramic cover
  • Uses an ultrasonic chip for diffusion, eliminating the need for heat or flames
  • Quiet fan function for a peaceful and soothing experience
  • Diffuses your essential oil and humidifies your room at the same time
  • Auto-stop function switches the diffuser off at end of your chosen program or when your diffuser runs low on water
  • Warm golden-tone light switches on or off independent of mist function – perfect for use before bedtime or as a nightlight
  • No need for distilled water – uses tap or filtered water
  • Easy to clean – simply wipe out with a tissue between uses and clean the reservoir every 3 to 6 uses
  • Ideal for bedroom or office diffusion. 
  • Simple to operate and maintain, 

The Galileo DIffuser by Bioflore will provide you with countless hours of relaxation and rejuvenation, as you fully enjoy and experience the benefits of the Organic Essential Oils (sold separately). It also makes a great gift idea for those you love. 

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