Natural Oil of SWEET ALMOND (Prunus amygdalus)


Sweet Almond vegetable oil is ideal for soothing sensitive and irritated skin. Very gentle, it calms itching and irritation. It nourishes, protects, and prevents dehydration while being suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. It is also recommended in the care of toddlers in massage or toilet oil.

Composition (if cold-pressed):

  • 75% monounsaturated fatty acids (omega9)
  • 16% polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega6) – 0,5% omega3
  • 5% saturated fatty acids (stearic acid)
  • Phytosterols, Vitamins A and E, triterpene alcohols

Uses in skincare:

    • Make-up removal
    • Care for tired, withered, devitalized, dull skin
    • Care for dry and very dry, fragile and delicate skin
    • Care of irritations, burns, cracks, cracks, stretch marks
    • After-sun care
    • Baby care
    • Very good massage oil

    Uses in hair care:

      • Care of dry, rough, brittle, split ends, curly, afro hair

      Precautions: It isn´t recommended to use this oil for people with a nut allergy.



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